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What is the difference between brown aluminum oxide and white aluminum oxide?

Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide

The main difference between brown aluminum oxide and white aluminum oxide is their purity. White aluminum oxide is made from a higher purity alumina, which means that it contains less iron and other impurities. This makes it a better choice for applications that require minimal foreign contamination, such as in the aerospace and medical industries.

Brown aluminum oxide is also a good abrasive, but it is not as pure as white aluminum oxide. This means that it can leave behind some iron or other impurities, which can be a problem in some applications.

Property Brown Aluminum Oxide White Aluminum Oxide
Purity Contains impurities such as iron and silicon Pure aluminum oxide
Hardness Less hard Harder
Friability Less friable More friable
Cost Less expensive More expensive
Applications General-purpose abrasive Precision abrasive

Some specific applications where white aluminum oxide is often used include:

  • Grinding and polishing of metal, plastics, and glass
  • Sandblasting to remove rust, paint, and other coatings
  • Cleaning and deburring of precision parts
  • Sharpening of tools

Brown aluminum oxide is often used in applications where cost is a major factor, such as:

  • Sandblasting of large surfaces
  • Cleaning of concrete and masonry
  • Abrasive blasting of rocks and minerals

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