Silicon Carbide for Metallurgical Raw Materials

Silicon Carbide for Metallurgical Raw Materials

The hardness of silicon carbide is second only to diamond and has strong wear resistance. It is an ideal material for wear-resistant pipes, impellers, pump chambers, cyclones and ore hopper linings, and its wear resistance is 5-20 times longer than the service life of cast iron, and it is also one of the ideal materials for aviation flight paths.

Silicone Carbide for Metallurgical Raw Materials

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Metallurgical raw materials

Advanced refractory

Functional Ceramics

Black Silicon Carbide 

Black silicon carbide is a widely used abrasive product, with excellent wear resistance, high hardness, high density, low impurities and other advantages, commonly used in sandblasting grinding, polishing, free grinding, making various abrasives, etc.

Black Silicon Carbide
Green Silicon Carbide

Green Silicon Carbide

Green silicon carbide is made from quartz sand and petroleum coke refined in a resistance furnace, due to its relatively stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and good wear resistance.

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