Exploring the Versatility of Calcined Alumina: A Spotlight on Henan Superior Abrasives

Exploring the Versatility of Calcined Alumina

Calcined alumina, a derivative of raw alumina, plays a pivotal role in various industries owing to its unique properties. Production Process: Transforming Raw Alumina into Excellence The manufacturing of calcined alumina involves subjecting raw alumina to high temperatures, typically above 1000°C. This process, known as calcination, induces structural changes, resulting in a material with enhanced […]

Rainbow Carborundum: Exploring the Interplay of Light and Matter in Silicon Carbide

Rainbow Carborundum

Carborundum, also known as silicon carbide (SiC), can display a range of colors for a couple of reasons: Crystal Structure Variations Silicon carbide is a compound with many different crystalline forms, called polytypes, which can exhibit various colors. These polytypes have different arrangements of the silicon and carbon atoms within the crystal lattice, and these […]

HSA Meets the Demands of a Japanese Company for Black Silicon Carbide Powder

HSA Black Silicon Carbide Powder in Japan

In a recent endeavor, our sales team had the privilege to serve “A” company, a reputed electronic materials firm based in Japan. The initial communication kicked off with an inquiry from Mr.Tanaka, representing her company, seeking a quotation for Black Silicon Carbide powder for refractory purposes. The specifications included a purity of over 90%, particle […]

What is Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide

Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide

Oxide bonded silicon carbide (OBSC) is a type of advanced ceramic composite material that is made by bonding silicon carbide (SiC) particles together with an oxide binder. The oxide binder is typically silica (SiO2), but other oxides such as alumina (Al2O3) and zirconia (ZrO2) can also be used. OBSC is produced by mixing the SiC […]

Bulk Black Silicon Carbide Grit for Rock Polishing

Bulk Black Silicon Carbide Grit for Rock Polishing

Bulk black silicon carbide grit for rock polishing is a type of abrasive that is used to grind and polish rocks. It is a very hard and durable material, and it is available in a variety of grit sizes. The grit size determines how coarse or fine the abrasive is, and the grit size that […]

Silicon Carbide Foam Ceramic

Silicon Carbide Foam Ceramic

Silicon carbide (SiC) foam ceramic is a type of porous material that offers a unique combination of mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. These foams are typically synthesized via the polymer replica technique, where a polymeric foam is first prepared and then infiltrated with a ceramic precursor which is subsequently pyrolyzed, leaving a porous silicon carbide […]

Exploring the Multifaceted Uses of Silicon Carbide Sponges

Silicon Carbide Sponges

Silicon carbide sponges are cellular structures made with a large volume fraction of pores. They are produced by injecting gas or mixing a foaming agent into molten silicon carbide, which creates a froth that is stabilized by a high-temperature foaming agent. Silicon carbide sponges are strong, lightweight, and have a high surface area, making them […]

What is Chrome Alumina?

Chrome Alumina

Chrome alumina is a synthetic material produced by fusing high-purity calcined alumina and chromium oxide. Also called red corundum or pink corundum, It is a hard, wear-resistant material with excellent thermal and chemical resistance. Chrome alumina is available in a variety of forms, including grains, powders, and bricks. Characteristics High Melting Point: It has a […]

What is The HS Code Of Silicon Carbide

HS Code Of Silicon Carbide

The HS code for silicon carbide is 28492010. This covers all forms of silicon carbide, including powder, granules, grains, and shaped articles. The HS Codes for green and black silicon carbide are: Green silicon carbide: HS Code 28499090 Black silicon carbide: HS Code 28499010 It is important to note that the HS code is a […]