Silicon Carbide Powder For Non-pressure Sintering Preparation Process

Silicon Carbide Powder For Non-pressure Sintering

Silicon carbide (SiC) powder is widely used for non-pressure sintering processes, which involves the densification of powder particles without the application of external pressure. Non-pressure sintering of SiC is commonly employed in the production of various ceramic components, such as high-temperature structural materials, wear-resistant parts, and electronic devices. The non-pressure sintering of SiC powder typically […]

Coarse Silicon Carbide Grit in Refractory Industry

Coarse Silicon Carbide Grit in Refractory Industry

Henan Superior Abrasives, as a leader in the abrasives industry, is committed to developing and producing a wide range of high quality wear-resistant materials. Today, we will talk about the coarse silicon carbide grit, which plays an important role in the refractory field. Overview of coarse silicon carbide grit Coarse Silicon Carbide (Crude Silicon Carbide) […]

Silicon Carbide Abrasives for Sale in USA

Silicon Carbide Abrasives for Sale in USA

Brief introduction Silicon carbide abrasive is a synthetic material composed of carbon and silicon, which has extremely high hardness, wear resistance and chemical stability, and is widely used in grinding, polishing, cutting, sandblasting and other fields. In the U.S., silicon carbide abrasives have a large market size, diverse applications and a promising future. History At […]

Introduction and Testing of Nuclear Boron Carbide

Nuclear Boron Carbide

Details Definition Nuclear grade boron carbide is one of the engineering ceramic materials used in the nuclear industry aspect, which can absorb neutrons and prevent radiation widely, and is applied in the shielding materials of atomic reactor isolation control rods and nuclear power plants, which is a national key material for development. In addition, boron […]

HSA Black Silicon Carbide in Vietnam

Henan Superior Abrasives Black Silicon Carbide in Vietnam

Recently, our company received an inquiry from Atkinson, a customer from Vietnam, who would like to purchase a batch of black silicon carbide grains for local abrasive production in Vietnam. Communication process Mr. Atkinson inquired about the detailed information of the black silicon carbide grains, including size, price, payment method, shipping method, samples, etc. via […]

Spherical Alumina (Al2O3) Powder

Spherical Alumina (Al2O3) Powder

Spherical Alumina (Al2O3) Powder, also known as alumina microspheres, is a widely used material in various industries due to its unique properties and versatility. Spherical Alumina (Al2O3) Powder Uses Spherical alumina powder has a wide range of uses and is mainly applied in the following fields: Thermal conductivity filler: thanks to its high thermal conductivity […]

The Complete Guide to Abrasive Materials

Abrasives Metal processing

Abrasive materials are widely used in various industries as a tool for processing metal and non-metal materials. Whether it is small items in daily life, or large-scale equipment manufacturing, are not without the figure of abrasive materials. So, what are abrasive materials? What kinds of abrasives are there? How to choose the right abrasive? This […]

Korea’s Leading Abrasives Company Partners with HSA on Sandpaper Project

Korea's Leading Abrasives Company Partners with HSA on Sandpaper Project

Introduction The Korean Company, a prominent player in the abrasives industry, In the future, it will enter into strategic cooperation with HSA, a professional Chinese abrasives supplier, to develop its own brand of abrasive sandpaper. Specializing in the import and sale of abrasives, The Korean Company is taking a leap forward by creating a distinctive […]

Synthesis and Sintering of Ceramic Alumina Abrasives

Ceramic Alumina Abrasives

The materials that play a cutting role in grinding, lapping and polishing are collectively called abrasives. The earliest abrasives used by people are all natural abrasives. With the deeper research on abrasives, people found that almost all natural abrasives contain alumina components. After trying to synthesize them, it was found that man-made alumina abrasives had […]