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Factory Wholesale F16-F220 Black Silicon Carbide Macro Grits for Grinding

F16-F220 Black Silicon Carbide Macro Grits for Grinding

Black silicon carbide use quartz sand and petroleum coke as the main raw material, smelting the raw material at high temperature electric resistance furnace . Black silicon carbide contains SiC about 95%. The toughness is higher than that of green silicon carbide, black crystals. The microhardness is HV3100-3280kg / mm², brittle and sharp and has a certain electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Abrasive made of black silicon carbide is suitable for grinding cast iron, nonferrous metals and rubber, leather, plastic, wood, minerals and other non-metallic materials. Additionally, you can make advanced refractory material and so on.

Black silicon carbide Commonly used size:

SiC Crude: 0-10mm | 1-10mm …
SiC Split: 6×8|8×10|10×16|…
SiC Grits: F16 F24 F30 F36 F40 F46 F54 F60 F70 F80 F90 F100 F120 F150 F180 F220
Powder:F240 F280 F300 F320 F400 F500 F600 F800 F1000 F1200 F1500 F2000
Density: 3.85g/cm3.
Bulk density: 1.72-1.95g/cm3.
Appearance: Black or green crystal

Black Silicon Carbide Content for Concretion Grinder
Brand Grit Size Chemical Composition(%)
SIC(min) F.C(max) Fe2O3(max)
Black silicon carbide F12-F90 98.5 0.20 0.60
F100-F150 98.5 0.30 0.80
F180-F220 97.0 0.30 1.20

Black silicon carbide application

  1. Silicon carbide for coated abrasive
  2. Silicon carbide for cutting abrasive
  3. Silicon carbide for grinding
  4. Silicon carbide for polishing

Black silicon carbide Supplier

Henan Superior Abrasives Import & Export Co., Ltd (HSA) was established in 2001 and is a well-known supplier of silicon carbide abrasives in China, Our products include silicon carbide powder, silicon carbide grits, silicon carbide crude , sic split of various particle sizes.We are committed to providing high quality silicon carbide raw materials to our global customers, if you are also interested in silicon carbide, welcome to contact us!

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