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More than 20 years of experience in the abrasive field, is Chinese leading supplier of silicon carbide and related products.

Black Silicon Carbide is mainly used for cutting and grinding brittle non-metallic materials, such as glass, ceramics, stone, refractory materials, grinding cast iron and some non-ferrous metal parts.

Green silicon carbide is made of petroleum coke and high-quality silica as the main raw materials, adding salt as an additive, and is smelted at high temperature in a resistance furnace.

White Fused Alumina has white color. The grinding tools made of this material are suitable for fine grinding of high carbon steel, high-speed steel and stainless steel, Abrasive powder of finer grit size, can also be used for precision casting and high-grade refractory.

Brown Fused Alumina, or BFA, is a material produced from high-quality bauxite and other raw materials. It is manufactured through a complex process of fusion in electric arc furnaces at high temperatures.

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As a crucial supplier of abrasive products, Henan Superior Abrasives Import & Export Co., Ltd maintains close contact and strategic cooperation with many famous multinational corporations. Our market covers America, Canada, Mid-east, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Southeast Asia and etc.



Metallurgical raw materials

Advanced refractory

Functional Ceramics

Black Silicon Carbide 

Black silicon carbide is a widely used abrasive product, with excellent wear resistance, high hardness, high density, low impurities and other advantages, commonly used in sandblasting grinding, polishing, free grinding, making various abrasives, etc.

Black Silicon Carbide
Green Silicon Carbide

Green Silicon Carbide

Green silicon carbide is made from quartz sand and petroleum coke refined in a resistance furnace, due to its relatively stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and good wear resistance.


We are manufacture. We began to produce silicon carbide material since 2001.

Expect metallurgical black silicon carbide, the silicon carbide from us are all of A grade quality.

We will check the chemical content, cleanness of the SiC grain and powder. And inspect the gradation, bulk density of SiC grain and powder.

Yes, we are open to get third part quality test before delivery.

No. We only produce A grade silicon carbide produced from high quality melted SiC blocks.

Yes, we provide free samples within 1 kgs. Customer only need to bear the logistic cost.

Yes, it need to provide export license to Chinese customs. We could provide it and make customs clearance in China.

It depends on the quantity required. Generally 5-10 days for FCL(20-25MT).

Our capacity is 1800-2000MT per month, annually appr. 22000 MT.High

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