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HSA Meets the Demands of a Japanese Company for Black Silicon Carbide Powder

HSA Black Silicon Carbide Powder in Japan

In a recent endeavor, our sales team had the privilege to serve “A” company, a reputed electronic materials firm based in Japan. The initial communication kicked off with an inquiry from Mr.Tanaka, representing her company, seeking a quotation for Black Silicon Carbide powder for refractory purposes. The specifications included a purity of over 90%, particle size ranging between 0.3 to 1.0mm, and moisture content less than 1%. The request was for three distinct quantities with a delivery to Osaka Port.

Upon receipt of the inquiry, our sales representative promptly got in touch with Mr.Tanaka to better understand their requirements and to clarify any technical queries. Following a series of productive discussions, a formal quotation was sent, detailing the price, delivery schedule, and terms of payment for three different quantities—1MT, 25MT, and a monthly supply of 100MT.

Eager to move forward, “A” company requested a sample to assess the quality. We quickly arranged for a sample dispatch. Impressed with the quality, they confirmed the order for an initial 1MT as a test. Our team sprung into action, ensuring the contract was drawn up and signed without delay. With the contract in place, we coordinated with our logistics department to schedule the delivery.

The shipment reached Osaka Port as promised, adhering to the stipulated timeline. Mr.Tanaka expressed her satisfaction with the timely delivery and the quality of the Black Silicon Carbide powder. The success of this initial transaction paved the way for further orders, as they proceeded with the 25MT test order, and eventually the regular monthly order of 100MT.

Throughout this collaboration, open communication and prompt responses were pivotal in addressing the client’s needs efficiently. Our team’s proactive approach and commitment to delivering as per the client’s specifications fostered a trustworthy business relationship. The positive feedback from “A” company is a testament to our reliable service and quality product offering, propelling us to continue fostering such successful partnerships in the future.

We look forward to fulfilling more of “A” company’s material requirements and nurturing this budding business relationship.

If you also have demand for silicon carbide, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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