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Production Process And Service Life Of Silicon Carbide

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The characteristics of silicon carbide abrasives (high hardness, high compressive strength and good wear resistance) make silicon carbide abrasives an ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials and cemented carbide in grinding processing, not only for high efficiency and precision, but also for good roughness, low abrasive consumption and long service life, as well as for improving labor conditions. Therefore, it is widely used for metal and non-metal hard and brittle materials with low iron content that are difficult to be processed by ordinary abrasives, such as cemented carbide, high alumina porcelain, optical glass, agate stones, semiconductor materials, stone, etc. So do you know the production process of silicon carbide? Today, Henan Superior Abrasives, a silicon carbide manufacturer, gives you an introduction.

Silicon Carbide Production Process

  1. Mix quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke), wood chips in proportion;
  2. The raw materials will be added to the resistance furnace, raw materials in the resistance furnace after more than 2250 ℃ high temperature refining made of silicon carbide;
  3. After several hours of smelting, pour out the silicon carbide;
  4. The silicon carbide in the container will be cooled;
  5. Put the silicon carbide into the sand making machine and crush it to produce silicon carbide segment sand;
  6. After crushing, the material will be transported to the magnetic separation to remove impurities and enter the mill for grinding.

Silicon Carbide Service Life

High-temperature silicon carbide material synthesis materials include silicon carbide electrodes, silicon carbide molds and silicon carbide products of three kinds, the three materials in silicon carbide at high temperatures, silicon carbide is easy to oxidation combustion reaction, resulting in the material surface gel carbon layer porosity increase and structural loosening, affecting the service life. Silicon carbide electrodes due to high temperature arc will occur part of the sublimation oxidation, will cause the continuous consumption of silicon carbide products, and even fracture, breakage. And the loss rate of silicon carbide products will reach 40-60%.

After the silicon carbide products are treated with antioxidant coating impregnation, the high temperature ZS-1011 silicon carbide excessive coating liquid can penetrate into the stomata of silicon carbide products, evacuate the residual air in silicon carbide products, and form a layer of antioxidant protection film on the stomata of silicon carbide products and the surface of silicon carbide products. It is this layer of protective film can effectively isolate the air directly contact with silicon carbide products and oxidation reaction, will not crack in the high temperature giant, off, so that can effectively delay the oxidation of silicon carbide products, to extend the service life of silicon carbide products.

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