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Green Silicon Carbide Micro Powder For Multi-wire Cutting Machine


Green silicon carbide hardness between corundum and diamond, mechanical strength than corundum, can be made into abrasives, suitable for processing high hardness, brittle materials. Such as processing and grinding cylinder liners, valves, oil nozzles, oil pumps, bearings, cast iron, cemented carbide, titanium alloy and fine grinding high-speed steel tools.

Green silicon carbide micro powder Uses

Green silicon carbide micro powder is a green powder material, its main uses include:

  • Solar wafers, semiconductor wafers, quartz chips cutting and grinding;
  • Crystal, pure grain iron polishing; ceramics, special steel precision polishing;
  • Solidification and coating abrasives, cutting, free grinding and polishing;
  • Can also grind glass, stone, agate and high-grade jewelry jade and other non-metallic materials, and can manufacture advanced refractory materials,
  • Engineering ceramics It can also manufacture high grade refractory materials, engineering ceramics, heating elements and thermal elements, etc.

Multi-wire Cutting Machine

Multi-wire cutting is a new type of cutting processing method in which hard , and brittle materials such as semiconductors are cut into hundreds of thin slices at the same time through the high-speed reciprocating motion of metal wires, which bring abrasives into the semiconductor processing area for grinding. Green silicon carbide powder is one of the main abrasives used in multi-wire cutting machines. With the development of the photovoltaic industry, there is an increasing demand for green silicon carbide powder for silicon wafer wire cutting.

Green silicon carbide powder has strong cutting ability, good chemical stability, good thermal conductivity, suitable for photovoltaic, semiconductor wafer cutting edge material link, photovoltaic industry upstream silicon wafer multi-wire cutting technology mainly uses green silicon carbide powder as cutting edge material and supplemented with other reagents for cutting, silicon wafer wire cutting silicon carbide powder is an indispensable material in the production of silicon wafers for solar cells.

Green Silicon Carbide Micro Powder Supplier

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