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Ceramics Sand for Sale

Ceramics Sand for Sale

Adopting unique technology formula, special production process and pre-treatment, made by 2000 degrees above high temperature phase fixing method. It is particularly suitable for shot peening in the production and maintenance process of metal parts, as well as shot peening and molding of light alloy parts. Thanks to the particularly fine microstructure, ceramic shot has very good impact strength and toughness. With particularly high hardness and surface smoothness, they can be recycled repeatedly and have a high utilization rate, 15-20 times higher than glass beads. Wide range of particle size, optional, and at the same time can be matched with various types of sand blasting machines.

Physical Properties

  • Shape: round ball
  • Specific gravity: 3.85
  • Mohs hardness: HRC 50-65
  • Typical composition(%):ZrO : 68 SiO : 31 Other:1%
  • True density: 3.86g/cm3
  • Bulk density: 2.36kg/L
  • Rockwell hardness: 60HRC


Particle size(mm)

Ceramics Sand Specification

Product Characteristics

  • Good polishing effect, smooth and even surface treatment, with high consistency.
  • Good toughness, not easy to break, can be recycled repeatedly, long service life, reduce energy consumption, reduce costs.
  • No pollution to the treated parts or products.
  • Reduce dust, improve the service life of the equipment and improve the operating environment.
  • Used in shot blasting, a large number of projectiles sprayed onto the surface of the parts, the violent impact of the surface of the metal parts to produce extremely strong plastic deformation, so that the surface of the parts to produce a certain thickness of the cold hardening layer, known as the surface hardening layer, this layer will significantly improve the fatigue strength of the parts at high temperatures and high humidity under the work. In addition, shot peening can also promote the transformation of the organization of the steel surface, that is, the residual austenite induced transformation to martensite, and can refine the martensite sub-structure, further improving the surface hardness of the workpiece and abrasion resistance, thereby extending its service life. After the actual test, shot blasting 10 seconds, the arc height specimen deformation can be up to 0.6mm, the coverage rate of 100%.


Due to the special chemical structure and density characteristics of zirconium silicate shot blasting (larger than glass beads and smaller than steel shot), it has a wide range of applications.

  • In the military field – for aircraft turbine blades, shafts and other precision casting parts, ordnance, a variety of springs, gears and hydraulic parts of the surface strengthening treatment to eliminate internal stress.
  • In the civil field – for titanium and stainless steel processing parts and products (stainless steel tableware, kitchen utensils), textile machinery parts, stamping and forging abrasives, machine pressure abrasives, medical equipment and other metal products, tool cleaning, surface finishing and surface pretreatment, in addition to oxidation, rust removal, deburring, strengthening, polishing treatment. Cleaning of abrasives for glass processing, tire manufacturing and plastic molding.

Examples of use

  1. Aerospace equipment: titanium alloy material manufacturing and maintenance.
  2. Mold industry: cleaning and maintenance.
  3. Metal processing: strengthening, aesthetic effect.
  4. Plastics, electronics industry: circuit board deburring, aesthetic effect.
  5. Automotive industry: anti-fatigue and reinforcement of shock spring surfaces.
  6. Turbine industry: anti-fatigue treatment and strengthening of turbine blade surfaces.

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