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What is The HS Code Of Silicon Carbide

HS Code Of Silicon Carbide

The HS code for silicon carbide is 28492010. This covers all forms of silicon carbide, including powder, granules, grains, and shaped articles.

The HS Codes for green and black silicon carbide are:

  • Green silicon carbide: HS Code 28499090
  • Black silicon carbide: HS Code 28499010

It is important to note that the HS code is a global system for classifying goods for customs purposes. However, each country may have its own specific requirements for classifying and declaring goods. Therefore, it is always best to consult with a customs broker or other trade expert to ensure that you are using the correct HS code for your goods.

Here are some examples of silicon carbide products that fall under HS code 28492010:

  • Silicon carbide powder
  • Silicon carbide granules
  • Silicon carbide grains
  • Silicon carbide bricks
  • Silicon carbide crucibles
  • Silicon carbide grinding wheels
  • Silicon carbide cutting tools
  • Silicon carbide abrasives

If you are unsure whether your silicon carbide product falls under HS code 28492010, you can contact your local customs office for assistance.

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