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Application of Green Silicon Carbide in Industrial Industry


Green silicon carbide is made of high quality silica and petroleum coke as the main raw material, adding salt as an additive, and melted at high temperature in an electric furnace, which is widely used in various industries. Green silicon carbide is green in color and has a translucent hexagonal crystal. So what are the applications of green silicon carbide in the industrial industry?

Non-ferrous metal smelting industry

With green silicon carbide good thermal conductivity and impact resistance, high temperature indirect heating materials.

Energy-saving industry

Using its good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, so that the heat exchanger to improve productivity of 20-30%.

Photovoltaic industry

Mainly used for 3-12 inches of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, potassium arsenide, quartz crystal wire cutting.

Metallurgical ore processing

Green silicon carbide has strong wear resistance, is the ideal abrasive abrasive material.

Steel industry

With green silicon carbide corrosion resistance, thermal shock wear resistance and good thermal conductivity, improve the service life of large blast furnaces.

Building materials ceramic grinding wheel industry

It can not only reduce the kiln capacity of silicon carbide, but also improve the installed capacity of the furnace and product quality and shorten the production cycle. It is also the ideal indirect material sintered ceramic glaze baking.

Refractory materials

Green silicon carbide is the refractory lining of iron-making blast furnaces, ceramic kiln furniture, muffle furnace, cement rotary kiln, aluminum refining furnace, zinc distillation furnace and waste incinerator and other high-temperature equipment ideal raw materials.

Cutting materials

Silicon wafer cutting is mainly steel wire carrying mortar for grinding rolling cutting, and the leading role is played by the silicon carbide in the mortar, as cutting silicon carbide will collide with silicon, friction, making silicon carbide part of the particles constantly wear and break, thus affecting the quality of silicon wafer cutting.



Green silicon carbide is widely used in abrasives, electronic products grinding, refractory materials, special ceramics, foam ceramics and other industries, with high hardness, small expansion coefficient, brittle sex, good thermal conductivity, etc. Green silicon carbide abrasives high purity, large crystalline silicon carbide raw materials, to ensure the excellent cutting performance and stable physical state of silicon carbide cutting micro powder.

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