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Korea’s Leading Abrasives Company Partners with HSA on Sandpaper Project

Korea's Leading Abrasives Company Partners with HSA on Sandpaper Project


The Korean Company, a prominent player in the abrasives industry, In the future, it will enter into strategic cooperation with HSA, a professional Chinese abrasives supplier, to develop its own brand of abrasive sandpaper. Specializing in the import and sale of abrasives, The Korean Company is taking a leap forward by creating a distinctive line of sandpaper to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Client’s Requirements

나병헌, representing Korean Company, initiated the collaboration by expressing the company’s interest in sourcing raw materials for their new abrasive sandpaper project. The required abrasives include black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide, brown corundum, white corundum, boron carbide, and SG abrasives. Additionally, Mr.나병헌 sought samples for black silicon carbide (P60, 1kg), green silicon carbide (P60, 1kg), and 200g samples of other abrasives at P60 grit. The company aims to procure 20 tons of black and green silicon carbide every 3 months.

Communication Process

The communication between the Korean Company and HSA Company has been seamless. Detailed specifications and quantities were provided by Mr.나병헌, facilitating a clear understanding of the client’s requirements. HSA Company responded promptly, ensuring that all queries were addressed promptly and efficiently. Samples are expected to be sent for evaluation based on the provided specifications.

Product Usage

The raw materials supplied by the HSA company will be utilized in the manufacturing process of the Korean Company’s proprietary abrasive sandpaper. The sandpaper will be available in various grits and materials, catering to a diverse range of applications, including metalworking, woodworking, and surface preparation.

Extended Offerings

In addition to the abrasives, the Korean Company is exploring the possibility of sourcing abrasive glue liquid, phenolic resin, and paper for sandpaper (cloth, paper) in grades B, C, and D. Samples for these additional materials will be requested to evaluate their compatibility with the sandpaper manufacturing process.

“We are very happy with the products and services provided by HSA Company. They have been a reliable and trustworthy supplier for us. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a supplier of abrasives.” – 나병헌

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