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What is black silicon carbide?

black silicon carbide

Black silicon carbide is a kind of silicon carbide, which is a hard hexagonal crystal generated by smelting quartz sand and petroleum coke at high temperature, and its density and hardness are very close to diamond, so it is usually also called diamond sand.

Black silicon carbide Introduction

1. Black silicon carbide is a widely used abrasive product, with excellent wear resistance, high hardness, high density, low impurities and other advantages, commonly used in sandblasting and polishing, polishing, free grinding, making various abrasives, etc.
2. Due to its high hardness, density and stable crystal structure, black silicon carbide abrasive can be crushed and made into various size products, with coarse abrasive, black silicon carbide sand, black silicon carbide powder and other abrasive products ranging from 16 mesh to 5000 mesh available.
3. Silicon carbide powder is generally used for free grinding or sandblasting and polishing.

Black silicon carbide advantages

1.  Silicon carbide due to chemical stability, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good wear resistance, in addition to abrasives, there are many other uses, for example: a special process to silicon carbide powder coated in the impeller of a hydraulic turbine or the inner wall of the cylinder body, can improve its wear resistance and extend the service life of 1 to 2 times.
2. used to make refractory materials, heat shock, small size, light weight and high strength, good energy-saving effect. Low-grade silicon carbide (containing about 85% SiC) is an excellent deoxidizer, which can accelerate the speed of steelmaking, and facilitate the control of chemical composition, improve the quality of steel. In addition, black silicon carbide is also used in large quantities to make electric heating element silicon carbon rods.

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