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Silicon carbide igniters for Heating

Silicon carbide igniters for Heating

Silicon carbide igniters are electrical heating devices commonly used to ignite fuel in various heating systems, such as gas furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. They have been increasingly preferred over traditional pilot lights and other ignition systems due to their reliability, efficiency, and longevity.

Key features

Material properties

Silicon carbide is a ceramic compound with excellent thermal and electrical properties, making it an ideal material for igniters. It has a high melting point, good thermal conductivity, and is resistant to chemical corrosion and oxidation.

Fast heating

SiC igniters can heat up quickly, typically reaching ignition temperature within seconds. This rapid heating reduces the time it takes to ignite the fuel, improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

Longevity and durability

Silicon carbide igniters are known for their durability and long service life. They can last for several years, even under harsh conditions, and require little to no maintenance.


SiC igniters are safer than traditional pilot lights because they don’t require a constantly burning flame. They only heat up when needed, reducing the risk of gas leaks and related hazards.

Energy efficiency

As they require less energy to reach ignition temperature, silicon carbide igniters contribute to the overall energy efficiency of heating systems. They also minimize fuel wastage by ensuring rapid ignition.

Environmental impact

By improving energy efficiency and reducing the risk of gas leaks, SiC igniters have a positive impact on the environment.

Silicon carbide igniters are compatible with various heating systems and can be easily integrated into new or existing setups. However, it’s important to ensure that the igniter is compatible with your specific system and that installation is done by a qualified professional to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Silicon Carbide raw materials supplier

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