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Development history of silicon carbide

Development history of silicon carbide

Silicon carbide can be called gold steel sand or refractory sand, it is also more and more widely used and plays an increasingly important role in industrial production, but many people do not know much about silicon carbide, the following HSA will take you to understand the development of silicon carbide.

  • 1905  First discovery of silicon carbide in a meteorite.
  • 1907  The first silicon carbide crystal light-emitting diode is born.
  • 1955  Major theoretical and technical breakthrough, LELY proposed the concept of growing high quality carbide, and since then SiC was used as an important electronic material.
  • 1958  The first world conference on silicon carbide was held in Boston for academic exchange.
  • 1978  In the sixties and seventies, silicon carbide was mainly studied by the former Soviet Union. In 1978, the first grain purification and growth method of “LELY improved technology” was adopted.
  • From 1987 to the present  CREE’s research results were used to establish silicon carbide production lines, and suppliers began to provide commercial silicon carbide bases.

The above is the development of silicon carbide, now we have been able to produce reliable quality silicon carbide for industrial use, and its application is becoming more and more widespread.

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