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Properties of Silicon Carbide Abrasives and Precautions

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Silicon carbide abrasives are artificial corundum materials. Pure silicon carbide abrasives are colorless and transparent crystals. Silicon carbide abrasives have excellent performance and can be used for sandblasting, grinding and polishing purposes. So what are the properties and precautions of silicon carbide abrasives?

Silicon Carbide Abrasives Properties

Chemical properties

Oxidation resistance: When silicon carbide material is heated to 1300°C in air, a protective layer of silicon dioxide begins to form on the surface of its silicon carbide crystals. As the protective layer thickens, it prevents the internal silicon carbide from continuing to be oxidized, which makes silicon carbide have better oxidation resistance. When the temperature reaches 1900K (1627℃) or higher, the silica protective film begins to be destroyed and the oxidation of the silicon carbide intensifies, so 1900K is the maximum working temperature of silicon carbide in an oxidizer-containing atmosphere.
Acid and alkali resistance: In terms of resistance to acids, alkalis and oxides, silicon carbide is highly resistant to acids and alkalis due to the role of silica protective film.

Physical and mechanical properties

Density: The particle density of various silicon carbide crystalline forms is very close, generally considered to be 3.20 g/m³, and the natural bulk density of its silicon carbide abrasives is between 1.2 – 1.6 g/m³, the height of which depends on the particle size number, particle size composition and particle shape.
Hardness: The Mohs hardness of silicon carbide is 9.2, the Weiss microdensity hardness is 3000–3300 kg/m³, the Nuptial hardness is 2670-2815 kg/mm, which is higher than corundum and second only to diamond, cubic boron nitride and boron carbide in abrasives, and its wear resistance is more than ten times that of alloy just and wear-resistant cast iron.
Thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity of silicon carbide products is very high, the thermal conductivity of more than 12, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, high thermal shock resistance, is a high-quality refractory materials.

Electrical properties

Industrial silicon carbide at room temperature is a semiconductor, is an impurity conductivity. High-purity silicon carbide resistivity decreases as the temperature increases. Another electrical property of silicon carbide is electroluminescence.

Other properties

Good hydrophilicity, far-infrared radiation, etc.

Henan Superior Abrasives Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide Abrasives Notes

  1. Feeding environment as far as possible for sealed, so that it is not easy to fall into large particles with the air flow.
  2. Rotten packaging of silicon carbide micro powder as far as possible not to use, rotten packaging may have been mixed with impurities, affecting the cutting effect.
  3. The use of slurry should control the use of tools to prevent cross-use pollution.
  4. Ready to throw the material slurry to avoid storage for too long, if too long will produce united matter, but also the formation of false particles, may bring to the line cutting.

Silicon Carbide Abrasives Manufacturer

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