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How to store silicon carbide?

store silicon carbide

Silicon carbide as an important raw material for production, many customers in the purchase of silicon carbide when the price of silicon carbide will be low when a large number of stocks, in order to use, such an approach is better, not only to reduce production costs can also avoid market risks, but after the purchase of a large number of silicon carbide, silicon carbide storage is very important, although silicon carbide does not have a shelf life can be stored for a long time, but if the storage method is not appropriate, it The quality of silicon carbide will be affected if stored improperly.

Silicon carbide storage precautions

  1. orderly storage, the same batch number as far as possible in rows, to avoid mistakes in the process of taking materials.
  2. silicon carbide micro powder has a strong moisture absorption, try to avoid removing the moisture-proof film storage; this can avoid moisture agglomeration, shorten the drying time.
  3. as far as possible to use the principle of first-in first-out material, to avoid clumping of raw materials due to excessive storage time.
  4. if the ultra-fine silicon carbide powder in transit broken packaging, try to store separately to avoid dust pollution.
  5. it is recommended that the warehouse as far as possible closed, stored separately, and pay attention to moisture, wind and rain.

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