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Green Silicon Carbide for Paint and Coating Industry

Green Silicon Carbide for Paint and Coating Industry

Common silicon carbide micro powder has green silicon carbide micro powder and black silicon carbide micro powder, they have good insulation performance, long service time, and low consumption cost, and thus are commonly used, in fact, silicon carbide micro powder also plays a certain role in paint and coating.

Silicon carbide powder can be used in paints and coatings, commonly used in: blending paint, primer, antirust paint, anti-corrosion paint, road paint, square paint, ship paint and other paints and coatings, can reduce the amount of resin and dispersant used in paints and coatings. It can not only play the role of filling and capacitance, thickening and matting, but also improve paint fineness, leveling performance, paint film hardness and arc resistance insulation.

In the coating and paint industry, which Haiyang powder of silicon carbide micro powder exhibits fine particle size, high hardness, good suspension and dispersion, low oil absorption, high resistivity, etc. Based on these characteristics, the addition of silicon carbide micro powder in paint and coatings can help improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, insulation and high temperature resistance of coatings.

Application of silicon carbide in paints and coatings

  1. Silicon carbide powder particle size distribution allows small microspheres to fill the gaps between large microspheres, with high additive volume, high individual content, low VOC and other characteristics, reducing the use of other components.
  2. Low viscosity/improved fluidity: unlike irregularly shaped particles, silicon carbide particles roll easily between each other, which makes the silicon carbide system have low viscosity and better fluidity.
  3. Hardness/abrasion resistance: silicon carbide is a kind of microsphere with high strength and hardness, which can enhance the hardness, washability and abrasion resistance of the coating.
  4. Inertness: silicon carbide micro powder is composed of inert components, which have excellent durability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.
  5. Opaqueness: silicon carbide is spherical, which can make light diffuse and scattered, increasing the covering power of the coating.
  6. No crystalline silicon pollution: unlike other fillers, the content of crystalline silicon in silicon carbide powder is below harmless levels. This silicon carbide ceramic powder is not considered a carcinogen and does not require a special hazard warning label.

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