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China Supplier 24# 60# 80# 150# Black Silicon Carbide Grit for Sale

China Supplier 24# 60# 80# 150# Black Silicon Carbide

Black Silicon Carbide Specifications

  • Black Silicon Carbide sic is produced in a high temperature electric resistance-type furnace from a mixture of quartz sand and petroleum coke.
  • The hardness of black silicon carbide sic is greater than fused alumina but less than synthetic diamond.
  • Black silicon carbide’s mechancial intensity is greater than fused alumina, but is brittle and very sharp.
  • Black silicon carbide sic has some electrical and heat conductivity.
  • Black silicon carbide sic is typically used for machining or finishing cast iron ,non-ferrous metals, stone, leather, rubber, and other materials where sharp cutting characteristics are important.
  • Black Silicon Carbide sic is also used widely as a refractory material or metallurgical additive.

Black silicon carbide sic grit size and chemical content

Grit Size SiC FC Fe2O3
F12-F90 98.50 <0.20 0.60
F100-F150 98.50 <0.30 0.80
F180-F220 97.00 <0.30 1.20
F230-F400 96.00 <0.40 1.20
F500-F800 95.00 <0.40 1.20
F1000-F1200 93.00 <0.50 1.20
P12-P90 98.50 <0.20 0.60
P100-P150 98.00 <0.30 0.80
P180-P220 97.00 <0.30 1.20
P230-P500 96.00 <0.40 1.20
P600-P1500 95.00 <0.40 1.20
P2000-P2500 93.00 <0.50 1.20

Black Silicon Carbide physical  index

Melting point 2600 °C
Hardness moh’s 9.2
Bulk density 1.38g/cm3
True density 3.20-3.25g/cm3

Black silicon carbide grit size and each Application

F12-F14,use for sandblasting,rust removal,snagging,heavy duty grinding of steel ingot,leather,salt,floor boards.

F14-F30,use for casting play burr,cutting billet and steel tube,flat kibbling,steel ingot grinding,marble grinding,or as refractory material.

F30-F60,use for surface abrasion,outside&surface grinding,centerless grinding,tool grinding of quenching or no-quenching steel profiles,copper or other hard metal.

F60-F100,use for precision grinding, cutter sharpening,gear grinding,etc.

F100-F240,use for cutter sharpening,rough grinding,precision grinding,thread grinding.

F280-F600,use for precision grinding&thread grinding of instrument and matter an gear products.

F600-F2000,super-precision polishing,mirror polishing,surface lapping,etc.

P-grit,P12-P2500,used for abrasive paper grit  coated abrasives products,outstanding advantages compared to F-grit is the More concentrade grit distribution of the basic grain,narrow grain span than F-grit.

Why Choose Us

  • Black silicon carbide macro grit has SIC content 98% min.
  • we passed the certification of ISO9001:2000,and Equipped full line of test method.
  • The laboratory is certified by government Inspection Bureau, that assures its quality stability.
  • Scientific and accurate grit classification based on latest standard of GB and FEPA。
  • All products will be supplied according to customers different requirement.
  • 21 Years manufacturing and export experiences.
  • Sufficient acid washing and less impurity .
  • Brilliant produce&supply&delivery ability.
  • Manufactuer offer products.
  • Flexible price policy .
  • Own Plant.


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