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Application of Silicon Carbide Abrasive in Ceramic Industry

Application of Silicon Carbide Abrasive in Ceramic Industry

Silicon carbide is a high temperature resistant material commonly used in industry. The excellent characteristics such as high chemical stability of silicon carbide at high temperature, stable strength at high temperature and low thermal expansion rate make it an indispensable material for special ceramics and engineering ceramic processes. In our cooperation projects, black silicon carbide Grits , black silicon carbide micronized powder, green silicon carbide Grits , green silicon carbide micronized powder are used by end users.

Ceramic kilnware products

In the field of fine ceramics, silicon carbide is used to manufacture pillars and flat plates for tunnel kiln carriage shelves, lining the top as well as manufacturing saggers.
In the production of baked sanitary ceramics and high-voltage electric porcelain products, the scaffolding on the kiln car is subjected to great loads. Therefore, the strength of silicon carbide ceramic products is of great importance. In view of the low thermal stress when roasting products, dense silicon carbide refractories with high oxidation resistance can be used. When baking fine porcelain products, daily-use porcelain, low-voltage electric porcelain and high-frequency ceramics, silicon carbide refractory materials are required to have high thermal stability.

Silicon carbide honeycomb ceramic filters used in metallurgical and foundry industries

The coefficient of thermal expansion of silicon carbide is low, and it can maintain stable mechanical and chemical properties at high temperature, and it can maintain high stability when steel is passed through. Therefore, it can be made into honeycomb ceramic filters for metallurgy.

Ceramic filter for diesel particle trap

Silicon carbide has good chemical stability, strong heat-resistant impact ability, and has a stopping effect on strong acid, strong alkali and strong corrosion, which can play a filtering role on the particles of diesel engine exhaust gas.

Wear-resistant ceramic products

The hardness of silicon carbide is slightly lower than that of boron carbide, and the hardness and mechanical strength are high. The hardness of black silicon carbide is 9.2-9.3 on Mohs scale, and the hardness of green silicon carbide is 9.4-9.5 on Mohs scale, with excellent wear resistance, which can be used for wear-resistant silicon carbide nozzles, silicon carbide wear plates, silicon carbide seals and other products.

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