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Alumina Crucible Price

Alumina Crucible

What is an Alumina Crucible?

An alumina crucible is a type of crucible made from alumina, also known as aluminum oxide. These crucibles are widely used in laboratories and industries due to their high-temperature resistance, excellent thermal conductivity, and strong resistance to chemical attack. They come in various sizes and shapes, fitting different requirements.

Use of Alumina Crucible

Alumina crucibles are versatile, serving multiple purposes in scientific research, manufacturing industries, and metallurgy. They’re commonly used for melting, smelting, and calcining a wide range of substances, including metals, chemicals, and ceramics.

Properties of Alumina Crucibles

Alumina crucibles are durable and can withstand temperatures up to 1700°C. They are also resistant to chemical reactions, making them ideal for holding corrosive materials. Their thermal stability, resistance to sudden temperature changes, and non-reactive nature are key attributes making them invaluable in their field of use.

Determinants of Alumina Crucible Price

The price of an alumina crucible is influenced by several factors:

Size and Shape

The larger the crucible, the higher the price, typically. Also, a complex shape or design may elevate the price compared to a simpler one.

Quality of Material

Not all alumina crucibles are created equal. The purity and grade of the alumina used can significantly impact the cost. A higher grade means higher performance but also a higher price.

Manufacturing Technique

The manufacturing process can also affect the price. More complex methods may result in superior products but at a higher cost.

Market Demand and Supply

Like any other product, the law of supply and demand applies to alumina crucibles. High demand coupled with low supply can drive up the price, and vice versa.

Vendor Reputation

Purchasing from a well-established and trusted vendor may cost more. However, it also means peace of mind regarding quality and after-sales service.

Price Range and Comparison

Small Scale Usage

For small scale usage in laboratories or educational institutions, prices for alumina crucibles can range from $5 to $50, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Industrial Scale Usage

For industrial-scale usage, where high-grade and larger crucibles are required, prices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Alumina Crucible vs Silicon Carbide Crucible

Thermal Resistance

Both alumina and silicon carbide crucibles offer high-temperature resistance, although alumina crucibles can generally withstand higher temperatures.

Chemical Stability

While both crucibles show high resistance to chemical attacks, alumina crucibles are known to have an edge in their chemical stability due to their non-reactive nature.


Silicon carbide crucibles tend to be more expensive due to their superior thermal shock resistance. However, the decision should also take into account the specific requirements of your application.


Both types of crucibles offer excellent durability. However, silicon carbide crucibles often provide a higher degree of mechanical strength.

How to Choose a Cost-Effective Alumina Crucible

Understand your Requirements

First, determine your needs. What size, shape, and grade of crucible do you require? Understanding this will help you select a product that fits your budget and requirements.

Research the Market

Next, explore different vendors, compare their offerings, and gather information about the market.

Compare Vendor Options

Finally, consider the reputation of the vendors, their customer service, and the overall value they provide for the price they charge. Remember, the cheapest option may not always be the best one.

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What is an alumina crucible?

An alumina crucible is a crucible made from alumina (aluminum oxide), used in various industries due to its high-temperature resistance and chemical stability.

What factors affect the price of alumina crucibles?

The price of alumina crucibles is influenced by their size, shape, quality of material, manufacturing technique, market demand and supply, and vendor reputation.

How much does an alumina crucible cost?

The cost can range from a few dollars for small-scale usage to thousands of dollars for industrial-scale usage, depending on the factors mentioned.

How can I choose a cost-effective alumina crucible?

To choose a cost-effective alumina crucible, understand your requirements, research the market, and compare vendor options.

Why are alumina crucibles more expensive than other types?

Alumina crucibles are often more expensive due to their superior performance characteristics, such as high-temperature resistance and chemical stability.

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