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60/90 Silicon Carbide Grit

sic grinding wheel and flat ring

60/90 Silicon Carbide grit is available in green and black, and is ideal for use in the abrasive industry, most notably for making grinding wheels, cutting blades, and more.

60/90 Silicon Carbide grit is a grit mixture, which means that there is some variation in particle size. This variety tends to be more forgiving in the tumbling and grinding process. As the coarser grit breaks down, the finer grit begins to work on the chips. This creates a faster grind in the drum or flat ring.

Applications of silicon carbide grit

1.  Used for sandblasting or lettering
Generally purchase CF36#,CF46#,the content is generally around 97.5-98. Such materials require hardness.
2. Used for diamond tools
Generally purchase GCF80#, GCF90#, GCF100# products, among which there are more customers who take GCF90#.
3. Used for grinding wheel
Generally use 46#-90#, is F series, for sandpaper use P series.
4. Used for coating insulation material
Fine material is generally 3-5um, commonly used models are 10, 1200 #, 1500 #, according to customer requirements to determine the use of black material or green material, generally use black material more, because the price is cheap.
5. For grinding
Use GCF600#-1500#, the product requirements for particle size concentration without large particles
6. Used for electronic products
Generally use W5 material, particle size in 4-5um, for electronic slurry, generally use 0.5um material.
7. Used for paint addition
Generally use GCF800#,GCF1500# material.
8. Used for polishing marble
The content requirements are not high, but the particle size requirements, can not have large particles.
9. Used for brake pad
Generally use CF500#, CF600# material.

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